Consortium leader:

Kava Drama/Theatre in Education Association (Káva Kulturális Mûhely)
H-1022 Budapest, Marczibányi tér 5/a., Hungary
tel/fax: (+36-1) 315-07-81

Project leader: Mr. Ádám CZIBOLY
mobile: (+36) 20-33-56-504
Skype: cziboly.adam

Leader of the quantitative methodology: Ms. Ildikó DANIS, PhD
Leader of the qualitative methodology: Ms. Szilvia NÉMETH, PhD
Educational expert, deputy project leader: Mr. Attila VARGA, PhD
Financial leader of the project: Ms. Rita TITKOS

Head of the Ethical Committee: Mr. Adam JAGIELLO RUSILOWSKI, PhD
Members of the Ethical Committee:  Ms. Margarida GASPAR DE MATOS, Phd; Mr. Stig A. ERIKSSON, PhD


The project leader is responsible for the content of, expect the content of the pages under "International" and the translations of the Policy Paper and the Education Resource, for which the consortium members and associate partners are responsible, respectively.


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